“Bill Hurst is a top-notch litigator in Indiana.”

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“Best personal injury, car accident, premises liability and wrongful death attorney, I assure.”

-José Antonio Escobar Alcobert

“If you have been injured in Indiana, hire this lawyer if you want great results.”

-Dobogai Law

“He is very capable lawyer that is devoted to his clients and fights for their rights. I could not be happier with the results that he attained for my family’.”

-Gerald Kosene

“As a personal injury injury attorney, I am proud to call William Bill Hurst both a colleague and friend. He is a seasoned litigator and very generous with his knowledge of accident law and really goes the extra mile to help others.”

-Jonathan Rosenfeld

“I have been following the information that Bill shares publicly, and as an attorney with Futeral and Nelson in South Carolina, I appreciate the insight and ideas he has.”

-Tom Nelson

“Mr. Hurst worked very hard on my case and delivered a favorable outcome. What really impressed me was the wisdom and experience Bill brought to the table.
If you are going into battle, then you want Bill Hurst in your fox hole with you!”

-Tony Nefouse

“Alex Limontes from Bill’s office helped me back in 2012 for a workers comp case. I randomly found him online and reached out through phone. I heard back from him early the next day. We met that week to discuss the details and he was great. He took his time to listen to me explain everything. He did not rush me or make me feel uncomfortable in any way. He was also very good at explaining all the legal side of things in basic terms for those who may not be as well educated in legal matters. After our initial meeting, he kept in touch via email. Was very easy to get a hold of and always responded back quickly. He was very good at keeping me informed of every detail during the process. Very professional and I highly recommend his services.”

-Jalesa Lee

“I have had Mr. Hurst help me on several occasions. He is fair, honest, and has always represented my best interests. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.”

-Marlin Meyer

“William Hurst is a great personal injury, car accident, premises liability and wrongful death attorney. He is well respected nationally among Personal injury Lawyers. He is known among his circles as a lawyer’s lawyer -meaning the guy who the top injury attorneys go to when they need help with a negligence question! He is rated as one of the best accident attorneys in Indiana!”

-David Slepkow

“For years, Mr. Hurst has been a source of guidance and counsel for my family and friends. I love recommending people to Mr. Hurst because I know they will always come out on top. William’s focus and dedication to his clients is unwavering.”

-Mike Kos

“When I was injured by a driver who took a left hand turn into my vehicle where she should not have and then tried to blame me for the accident, Bill Hurst gathered the information needed to show that I was not at fault for the accident and eventually got me a settlement from the insurance company for twice the amount of the original offer. From contacting witnesses to dealing with adjusters, Bill gave me confidence that my case would reach a successful conclusion and delivered beyond my expectations. For anyone involved in a serious accident, I would highly recommend Bill’s years of experience and expertise.”

-T. A. Breedlove

“Alex Limontes did a great job for me even thought this case was rather small and not going to be very profitable for them. He and his team still spent the time to get me what I deserved from my car accident. I had an extremely easy and pleasant experience with this law firm!”

-Allante Keeshonden

“Bill represented me in a case where a drunk driver of a semi rear-ended me. He’s clearly a lawyer that is cut from the cloth that taking care of your client is the most important aspect of being a lawyer. Today, I can sincerely vouch for his great legal skill, since I have become a lawyer myself. Bill is highly regarded by the legal community as an accomplished and successful attorney. Not only has he continually been recognized by his peers as a “Super Lawyer”, he has received the “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award from the Plaintiff’s Bar Association. He’s the guy you want by your side in the tough fight.”

-Todd Ryden

“I have had the opportunity to work with Bill Hurst and Alexander Limontes on Indiana cases and they are truly among the finest trial attorneys and personal injury lawyers in the U.S., let alone Indiana. Bill and Alex provide phenomenal service and personal attention to their clients which is rare in a business dominated by television lawyers who spend significant funds to obtain clients whom they ignore and allow a paralegal to run the case. In fact, we often hear many individuals complain that they never speak to a lawyer during their case. Bill and Alex are just the opposite and clients have all reported back to me that they were extremely satisfied with the prompt and personal attention they received. Bill has a national reputation as a civil trial attorney which is well deserved. I would not hesitate to refer future clients (when the client either resides in Indiana or the accident took place there) to Bill Hurst and Alex Limontes.”

-Matthew Dolman

“I would recommend this office to anyone looking for personal injury advice. If they can’t take your case they may have a great referral for you, so call them first! Alex and Monica did a fantastic job helping me understand the process of the case and keeping me updated with new information. They believe in your case, and they want to get you everything you deserve. I felt well prepared and confident in my attorney’s advice throughout the case. I could not have asked for a better first experience with a law firm. I also gained knowledge of how to better handle any future situations, and one of the first things I would do is call Alex Limontes or Monica Garcia.”

-Jennifer A.

“As an Alabama attorney, I sometimes need legal assistance on issues in other jurisdictions. Bill Hurst is my go-to injury attorney in Indiana. I recently needed his help on a statute of limitations issue pertaining to a car accident. As a follower of his for years, I knew his reputation was impeccable, and he had assisted me on other civil matters as well. His advice was “spot on” as usual. I highly recommend him.”

-Drake Law Firm

“Bill handled not one, but 2 of my slip and fall cases. My most recent case I fell on city property and I was almost certain there would be no compensation for my medical bills, ambulance bills or time off work. It was hell trying to find out where everything was required to be filed and who I could talk to about this incident. No one from the accident site would talk to me, no one from the City agencies were returning my calls, etc. Mr. Hurst took my case, handled the process of getting everything filed in a timely fashion AND to the appropriate governmental agencies while keeping me updated every step of the way. He fought for my case the way I would have and treated my situation as a priority. Low and behold, 3 months later I received my settlement not only paying all the bills I incurred but also a little more to cover my pain and suffering. Bill went even further with his generosity by adjusting his fee according to the amount of the settlement so I would still have SOMETHING.”

-Jazmine Long

“Best personal injury attorney in Indianapolis. William “Bill” Hurst is know across the nation. I am an attorney and have looked up to Bill my entire career. As a lawyer, Mr. Hurst is the lawyer you wish you could ever be! If you were to ask people who are the “Best of the Best,” most would have William Hurst’s name on the list. I highly recommend hiring William Hurst. He is a legend in the legal community and generously has helped other lawyers, like me, by time answering questions we all have. Great lawyer! Great person!”

-Christopher Hoffman

“We could not say enough praise from our experience with William Hurst as our Personal Injury Attorney for our Family’s past case. Bill’s compassionate sincerity for our family put all at ease while he & his amazing team were professional & able to calm all involved during a stressful time; William Hurst Law Firm was determined for closure & making sure justice was served.”

-Barbie Nefouse

“Wonderful attorneys and staff ! Great personal touch! Can’t say enough on how great these people are ! Will fight for what’s right and will go the extra mile for their clients.”

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“I can’t show enough appreciation for Bill Hurst and his team. They are truly experts in their field. They went above and beyond to get us the best outcome. Bill’s patience and compassion, through what was an emotional process, was greatly appreciated.”

-Courtney Harris

“After a near fatal hit-and-run Motorcycle crash in 2013, I hired and attorney (friend) to deal with my insurance company. Being off work, injured and hurt I need a friend, but he was slow and, left the case a mess. Finally the settlement offer was incredibly low (actually insulting, not even enough to pay the basic medical bills). I heard “best I can do” from my friend… It was a sad, and stressful time for me.

When my attorney “friend” fired me as a client for not accepting my insurance company’s insultingly low settlement offer, I saw this as an opportunity to upgrade my legal representation, I contacted several Indiana law firms, when several people recommended Bill Hurst, I made an appointment with him. Yes Bill is real… In every way a true professional. After an interview with him (and his associate attorney Reid Nahmias), I was treated like a valued client, and dealing with the insurance company was not longer a problem. The insurance companies settlement was almost instantly, tens of thousands higher.

I believe as a results of Mr Hurst’s reputation, and skill, we got the best possible result from my insurance company. William Hurst is a great Indiana law firm. When you need true professional legal representation there is no better choice.

While I wish it never happened, I thank God for sparing my life, and helping me find Bill Hurst and Reid Nahmias!”

-Donald Mindach

“From contacting witnesses to dealing with adjusters, Bill gave me confidence that my case would reach a successful conclusion and delivered beyond my expectations. For anyone involved in a serious accident, I would highly recommend Bill’s years of experience and expertise.”

-Thomas Breedlove