Indianapolis Knee and Leg Injury Lawyer

Indianapolis Knee and Leg Injury Lawyer

The office of William Bill Hurst has represented thousands of Hoosiers in various kinds of accidents resulting in serious knee and leg injuries. Our law office has the top rating given by Martindale Hubble, an important rating source. An experienced Indianapolis knee and leg injury lawyer knows that motor vehicle accidents are extremely hard on knees and ankles, causing broken bones and torn ligaments and cartilage that can affect the injured person’s ability to walk and stand. You are likely to injure your Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) during a car accident as well. For more information on this specific type of injury, click here. Also, knee dislocation is rare but commonly associated with auto accidents and severe trauma. If you sustained one of these injuries as result contact an Indianapolis knee and leg injury lawyer immediately. Click here to read more about knee dislocation.

In car accidents and truck crashes, the legs are very confined. Your knees are only 3 inches away from the steering wheel or dash. It’s quite common for the knee to be struck severely in a crash, causing a PCL tear (also called “dashboard knee”). This is particularly common in rear end accidents. When drivers (and passengers) slam their foot on the brake and keep their foot hard to the floor as they try to prevent the collision, the foot and ankle often suffers severe trauma on impact.

In motorcycle accidents, it’s frequently the lower legs and feet that suffers crushing injuries when the cycle is stuck from the side or if the rider has to lay the bike down to avoid a collision.

And in biking and pedestrian accidents, the initial impact is usually at the knees and hips first, commonly resulting in serious leg fractures and hip fractures.

Our personal injury attorneys are experienced and have a track record of aggressive representation for people who have suffered serious ankle, knee injuries, leg injuries, and fractures. We work hard to ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve. Contact our Indianapolis law office or call us toll free at 800.636.0808. �Hablamos Espa�ol!

How an Indianapolis Knee and Leg Injury Lawyer Can Help

We have handled hundreds of knee injury cases and leg injury cases across Indiana and have personally met with many of the prominent experts in knee surgery and cartilage restoration. We work with our clients’ medical professionals to obtain an accurate assessment of their injuries and understand the medical treatment and rehabilitation services that will be needed to make the best possible recovery.

Just because you had a clear x-ray that does not mean you don’t have a serious injury. ACL and PCL tears and synovitis can’t be seen on an x-ray. To see internal swelling of the knee, it often requires an MRI to find it. With serious fractures of the knee, it’s not uncommon to develop arthritis, a degenerative problem of the joint that is both painful and disabling.

To ensure you receive full and fair financial compensation, we also look at how your knee injury and/or leg injury is affecting your daily life. Have you lost mobility? Can you still walk or stand for periods of time (if one leg is now shorter than the other, this can be difficult)? Do you walk with a limp? Can you work? Can you still do household activities?

If you suffered a leg or knee injury, contact the Indianapolis law office of William “Bill” Hurst to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Indianapolis knee and leg injury lawyer or call us toll free at 800.636.0808.�Hablamos Espa�ol!

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