Educational Objective with Goals & Plans for the Future


I received an AAUCT (Associate of Arts University and College Transfer, 90 credits) degree from Skagit Valley Community College in Washington State in 1997.  Several years later, I returned to school and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Western Washington University in 2008.  Now, I have returned to expand my educational credentials to include a Paralegal Certificate.


I reached a point in my life of introspection and reflection which resulted in my identifying that I am able to chose a new career path for myself and I have an entire careers worth of years remaining to work in it,  so why not?  Why not set a personal goal for myself to do what is necessary to successfully achieve such a transition, establish myself in the field, continue expanding my knowledge, education and credentials, and thrive in a fulfilling new career?


I began this journey during semester of Summer 2016.  Much to my surprise, I completed both classes with a 4.0.  During the academic Fall 2017 semester I enrolled in only one class due to my employment obligations.  I received a grade of excellence in this course as well.  Spring semester 2017, I completed two more classes for which I again received perfect scores.  Over this summer, I received notification that my name has been added to the Middlesex Community College (MCC) Merit List for my academic excellence.


With five of nine classes completed, all with a grade of excellence, I set another personal goal for myself.  That goal is to complete the remaining four courses with the same standard and finish the program with an overall GPA of 4.0.  This semester, I am taking two classes, both for which I am on track to obtain a grade of excellence and maintain my 4.0 GPA.  Although there are some logistics that I need to sort out, I intend on completing the remaining two classes (one being the Paralegal Internship) during Spring 2018, also with grades of excellence.  This will complete the educational requirements for me to begin effectively working as a paralegal.  Once I have a solid foundation for myself in the field, I intend on further expanding my education to take the Paralegal CORE Competency exam in order to obtain the credential of Certified Paralegal.


Benefit of Award in Pursuit of Educational Goals 


I am an adult-learner, fully self-supporting, do not qualify for financial aid, and carry a balance of student loan debt from past educational achievements.  I am paying 100% out of pocket for all costs in pursuit of this post-graduate Paralegal Certificate from MCC.  Receiving this award, the William W. Hurst Law Scholarship, will aid in my ability to timely achieve my educational and professional development goals. In addition, being the recipient of this award will ease the financial pressures that accompany continuing with what will be necessary in order for me to enhance my credentials.



Impact of MCC in My Life and/or Educational Pursuits 


Once my decision was made to transition in to a new career field, I did some research to identify what educational institution would be the best fit for me to begin this journey.  There are many things that were factored in to my decision to attend MCC.  Some of these things are:

  • I am an adult-learned returning to school after many years away
  • Offering of a post-graduate Paralegal Certificate
  • Flexibility of being able to take classes that fit in to my schedule of current employment and everyday life responsibilities
  • Opportunity to gain exposure to various areas of law
  • MCC’s Certificate in Paralegal Studies is approval by the American Bar Association, Massachusetts Paralegal Association and the American Association for Paralegal Education
  • Not outrageous costs affiliated with tuition and fees

There were pros and cons in my deciding to attend MCC.  However, the benefits outweighed the risks.  I am pleased with all aspects of my experience with the institution, my advisor, professors, and the quality of education that I am receiving.  I made the right decision in choosing MCC.


Personal Achievements/Successes 


I am a middle-aged woman (that was a bit difficult to say) that has faced many challenges through life.  In my younger years, I was not savvy to the fact that with each and every challenge an opportunity is presented.  Many of my achievements/successes have been born from these challenges.


I come from a family rid with addiction (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, gambling, and/or sex).  I was raised by a working single mother who was absent more often than not.  I lost my biological father to suicide at the age of eleven.  In my still developing brain, I found comfort and security in negative behaviors.  At the age of 18, I became a single mother myself.  Here is where I was first exposed to the legal field.  This exposure was limited to the area of family law regarding visitation/custody.  Over time, my biological sister initiated additional legal actions against me to gain custody, which did not relent until my daughter reached adulthood.


Lacking the tools, self-confidence and support necessary to face life’s challenges, my negative behaviors became a way of life (an addiction) for me.  Although I never became the defendant in any criminal activity, I was being sued by creditors for the debts that I incurred through my addiction.  Not seeing any way out, I filed bankruptcy, giving me exposure to the federal court system, yet continued active in my addiction.  Throughout life, I suffered depression and a sense of not being worthy, until I reached the point of not being able to take anymore.  Being the survivor of a loved one’s suicide, this was not an option and so the only other choice I had was to change.  On the 22nd anniversary of my father’s death, I walked in to my first 12-step self-help meeting.  This is when my life began to change.  Today I live my life knowing, without a doubt in my mind that I am worthy!

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