Alexander J. Limontes Recognized For His Dedication To Helping Pave The Way For The Advancement of Latino Attorneys

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer Alexander Jesus Limontes was recently awarded the Alexander J. Limontes Receiving The Trailblazer AwardTrailBlazer/Abriendo Caminos Award by the Indiana State Bar Association’s Latino Affairs

Committee! The award recognizes the outstanding achievements, commitment, and leadership of an attorney who has paved the way for the advancement of other Latino attorneys and/or the Latino Community. It is given to an attorney who personifies excellence in the profession, especially by his/her steadfast commitment, vision, courage, and tenacity which has resulted in substantial and lasting contributions to the Latino legal profession and the Latino community.

Past winners of the award include:

  • 2015 Alexander J. Limontes
  • 2014 Kathrine D. Jack
  • 2013 Vanessa Villegas Lopez
  • 2012 Jose D. Salinas
  • 2011 Lorenzo Arredondo

The Latino Affairs Committee, which aims to serve the legal profession, its members, and their communities through career development opportunities, community service initiatives, and promotion on behalf of Latinos to ensure equal access to justice chose Alex as a result of his never-ending work to advance the interests of the Latino community. Not only does Alex have a number of Hispanic clients that he works with on a daily basis and who he has been successful in recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for, he also works in the community and through the legal system to ensure equal access to justice for the Latino community.

Hispanic Lawyer, Latino LawyerAlex cares about the community and focuses much of his free time in giving back to the community, in particular the Hispanic community.  He frequently presents to other lawyers on representing Hispanic clients and is a regular source of knowledge for other attorneys on Hispanic and Latino issues and concerns.  He is proud of his Cuban heritage, a point that he stresses when he communicates with other lawyers and community members.  He protects his Hispanic clients’ interests zealously and will fight for them no matter what the issue.

Alex personifies this award from working with Hispanic Clients at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic to presenting on important topics like worker rights before the Indiana Latino Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Alex plans on continuing his efforts to help Hispanics and Latinos in need in the future.

Alex currently works at the Law Office of William W. Hurst and limits his practice to individuals who have sustained serious injuries in catastrophic accidents. You may contact Alex by clicking the link or calling (316) 636-0808.

Alexander J. Limontes

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