Our Law Firm’s Black Friday Alert

Our Law Firm’s Black Friday Alert

By William Bill Hurst – Your Indiana Accident Lawyer

Black Friday is the name given to the Friday following Thanksgiving and is known as the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Stores typically open extraordinarily early (sometimes at midnight on Thanksgiving) and have amazing discounts on their merchandise. Since most businesses give both Thanksgiving and Black Friday off, the number of potential shoppers is enormous. According to the National Retail Federation, up to 147 million people plan to shop Black Friday in 2012, but with the jaw dropping deals have also come dangers!


If you are planning on going out to shop on Black Friday, be safe! Crowds can be enormous, leading to human stampedes which can trample the unwary. Fights have also been known to break out as well as children being lost or injured. Also, if you are an employee working on Black Friday, be extra careful when dealing with customers and watch out for dangerous situations. If a dangerous situation seems imminent, call the police immediately!

The first recorded death on Black Friday occurred in 2008. Approximately 2,000 shoppers in Valley Stream, New York stampeded on their way in to a Walmart, breaking the door down, and trampling a 34-year old employee to death. Shoppers refused to halt their stamped when other employees, and then police, attempted to help the injured employee. Read the report. Closer to home, during Black Friday in 2010 an Indianapolis woman was arrested after causing a disturbance by arguing with other Wal-Mart shoppers. She had been asked to leave the store, but refused. Read the report. Let’s review last year’s events. On Black Friday 2011, a woman at a Porter Ranch California Walmart used pepper spray on fellow shoppers over a crate of discount Xbox 360s. The incident caused injuries to 20 people. Read the report. In an incident also occurred outside a Walmart store in San Leandro, California, where a man was shot. Read the report.

These incidents do not excuse the store owner’s obligation to provide safe premises for the anticipated crowds of customers. If anything, the business is on notice of the need to beef up security for this onslaught. Failure to do so may result in the stores liability for the injuries.

 If you or a loved one were injured during a Black Friday event, please contact an experienced attorney immediately. Witnesses and those responsible can quickly disappear and insurance companies and corporations will gather evidence and track down witnesses before an injured person mounts his or her own investigation. It is essential that you and your attorney take prompt and efficient actions. Whether the cause was negligence on the part of the retail store or the actions of another person, please visit the offices of William “Bill” Hurst. We will immediately begin a thorough investigation of the construction accident and any safety issues involved. Contact the injury attorneys at the Indianapolis law office of William “Bill” Hurst or call us toll free at 1(800)636-0808 for a free consultation. ¡Hablamos Español!

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