By William Bill Hurst

There are over 200,000 automobile and truck crashes in Indiana every year.  Various organizations have studied these fatal accidents and have established accident statistics between 2000 and 2010.  The State of Indiana reported 754 deaths caused by traffic accidents for the year 2010 which are the most recent statistics.  These fatalities account for roughly 2.3% of all the car accident fatalities that occurred in the United States that year.

Between 2006 and 2010 Starke County, Indiana had the most fatalities per 100,000 population with 42.8 in 2006 and then 42.79 in 2010.  The county with the least overall fatalities statistically would be either Sullivan County or Wabash County. This web site allows a person interested in determining the location and reasons for fatalities in Indiana to view the Indiana counties and their rankings between 2006 and 2010.  This website also looks statistically at the following facts involved in the fatal crashes.

  • fatalities involving alcohol
  • single vehicle crash fatalities
  • fatalities and crashes involving a large truck
  • fatalities and crashes involving speeding
  • fatalities and crashes involving a roadway departure
  • fatalities and crashes involving an intersection
  • crashes involving passenger car fatalities
  • light truck and van occupant fatalities
  • motorcyclist fatalities by county
  • pedestrian fatalities by county
  • bicyclist fatalities by county

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration accomplished a study that further determines the area of the Indiana county where the automobile/truck/motorcycle crashes, and even further whether it’s a rural or urban area, whether or not the occupants were restrained or unrestrained and the age group involved.  In the case of motorcycle fatalities NHTSA statistics further determine whether the deceased motorcyclist was helmeted or unhelmeted.

The top five Indiana driver errors that play a role historically in causing accidents are (1) failure to yield (30,000), (2) following too closely, (3) unsafe backing, or (4) speed too fast for weather conditions.  The fifth reason stated for the least serious accidents involved “running off the road to the right”. drivers2-pdf

Indiana City accident statistics were compiled and cities were ranked for the most serious auto accidents.  In Indianapolis, fatal crashes and road traffic accidents in 2009 included 55 fatal accidents.  There were 90 vehicles were involved in these fatal accidents.  Of the fatal accidents 17 were caused by drunk drivers and pedestrians were involved in 15 fatal accidents.  These fatalities states were down from the 2008 deaths reported in Indianapolis.  The fatal statistics indicate that there were 79 fatal car accidents in Indianapolis in 2008. During this same time period, in Muncie, Indiana there were 8 fatal car/truck accidents with 10 vehicles being involved.  The Muncie fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers involved 2 cases and no pedestrians were killed.  There are maps showing exactly where all these accidents took place each year at

In 2009 motorcycles accounted for 13% of all traffic accidents and 60% of all accident fatalities.  In 2009 alone 4,462 people died in the United States in motorcycle crashes.  However this was down substantially from 2008.  Older motorcyclists account for half of all the motorcycle fatalities.  For example, in 2008 51% of all motorcyclists were age 40 or over compared with 33% ten years earlier.  In contrast fatalities among young motorcyclists have declined in the past 10 years.

While these statistics include all sorts of vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, semi trucks and straight trucks, tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles, it is clear that the vehicular accidents involving semi trucks generally result in the most serious injuries.  Semi-tractor-trailer and commercial vehicle accidents continue to rise annually.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that over 100,000 people sustain serious personal injury accident and over 5,000 people die annually in these vehicular crashes.  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) also compiles similar statistics and reports for truck driving accidents in te United States and attempts to identify and correct hazards that face truck drivers.  Http://blog/

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